A report says that online gambling is more popular than gambling in person.

A report says that online gambling is more popular than gambling in person.

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YouGov’s 2021 International Gambling Report says that online gambling is now the most popular type of gambling in the world. The market research and data analytics firm put out a report that showed 63% of gamblers from 13 of the biggest markets who had played in the last year now prefer to play online instead of in person.

More than 1,000 people each from India, Spain, Mexico, France, Denmark, Italy, Sweden, Poland, and Singapore, as well as more than 2,000 each from the US, Great Britain (GB), Australia, and Germany, were interviewed for the report.India, where it is easier to gamble legally online than offline, was the country where 76% of people preferred to gamble online. 70% of players in Great Britain liked the vertical, but that number went down to 69% in Italy and 58% in the US.

The Most Popular Type Of Game

The most popular type of game was lottery draw games, which 42% of people liked. The second most popular type of game was online sports betting, which 36% of people liked. With 23%, instant win lottery games were the third most popular, and casino slot games were the fourth most popular with 13%. The report also found that people have different views on gambling. Millennials, or people born between the 1980s and the mid-1990s, are more likely to think of gambling as fun, while only 35% of online gamblers around the world are women.


57% of respondents said gaming corporations don’t care about problem gambling; 16% disagreed. 69% of Italians said problem gambling isn’t being handled adequately. 66% of Brits and 50% of Americans agree. 44% opposed making online gambling illegal, while 23% agreed. Report’s conclusion: “Gamblers are changing overall. Young people’s views on internet gambling and the lottery vary by gender.”

The research illustrates how the coronavirus pandemic influenced gambling. Online gambling has exploded around the world, especially in the UK and US, after most land-based locations shuttered in mid-March 2020. Online poker, slot games, virtual sports, and esports betting rose throughout the pandemic. Live sports were halted for up to three months worldwide.

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