Cambodian law detained 606 and closed 231 illicit gaming

Cambodian law detained 606 and closed 231 illicit gaming

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Cambodian law detained 606 and closed 231 illicit gaming

On September 15, 2022, Prime Minister Hun Sen formally launched a crackdown on illicit gambling. Cambodian law enforcement agencies shuttered 231 illegal gambling operations and arrested 606 persons, including six women who went to court, according to a senior police officer.

Gambling prohibition:

Cambodian Law – Hun Sen ordered a crackdown “on the epidemic of anarchic illegal gambling across the country and warned of the penalties for officials who failed to carry out his instructions” in early September.

He stated “that unlawful gambling did not enhance the national economy, but instead led people who are addicted to gambling to be obliged to sell their possessions to pay off their gambling debts and in the process to lose their livelihoods and home.”


“Yesterday from September 15 to December 27, the police force has cracked down on illicit gaming across the country,” national police spokesman Lieutenant General Chhay Kim Khoeun said of the inquiry.

“The authorities are still searching for unlawful gamblers. Operators who refuse police instructions will be detained and prosecuted.

Illegal activities is decreasing. Police continue to detect and stop unlawful gaming.

Many venues were not charged owing to lack of proof. but they had to sign commitments not to engage in unlawful gaming.

Combating unlawful gambling:

Cambodia has seen a decrease in illegal gambling because investigations and crackdowns have become routine.

Heng Kimhong, Head of the Research and Advocacy Program of Cambodian Youth Network Association, said yesterday. “I see cases of illicit gambling have dropped since the crackdowns across the country.

“Although illegal gambling crime arrests are down, local authorities must not relax. It should take prompt action to remove illicit gaming sites in their communities.”

Cambodian Law Crime-ridden:

Cambodia has become a hub for drug trafficking and internet gambling.

“I’m calling for the continuing repression of all crimes across the country. It is noting the Kingdom has recently become a site for transnational crimes. Also including drug trafficking and unlawful internet gambling,” said Minister of Interior Sar Kheng.

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