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Why Casinos Get Blacklisted at

When it comes to online gambling, players need to be sure that they are playing on a safe and secure website that will maintain their privacy and keep their data safe.

Unfortunately, some casinos make the mistake of trusting rogue operators who may not always have the best intentions.

This is why has an ever-growing list of blacklisted casinos – so users can be sure to play at trustworthy establishments with verified licenses and security protocols in place.

In this article, we’ll discuss why certain casinos get blacklisted at and what you should look out for when choosing your gaming sites.

Reasons for Blacklisting

There are several reasons why a casino may be added to the blacklist at, including:

  • Poor customer service – If a casino takes too long to respond to queries or does not resolve customer problems efficiently then this could result in them being placed on the blacklist by Cogamblers.
  • Non-payment of winnings – Casinos who repeatedly fail to pay out winnings in a timely fashion or withhold payments altogether can be listed as unresponsive or untrustworthy by our review team and therefore blacklisted from our site.
  • Unfair terms & conditions – Casinos with overly restrictive terms such as those which unfairly limit deposits/withdrawals or restrict bonus claims can be added to our blacklist due to deceptive practices that could put players’ funds at risk.
  • Fraudulent behavior – Casino sites caught engaging in fraudulent activities such as hacking, identity theft and other unethical practices will most likely also find themselves on the blacklist at for security and safety reasons.

Staying Safe When Gambling Online

It’s important for players to take precautionary steps when choosing an online casino site, especially if they want to avoid falling victim to fraudulent activities or cheating tactics employed by some unscrupulous operators. The best way to ensure your safety while playing online is by researching each casino thoroughly before signing up and making any deposits:

  • Verify that the casino holds all necessary licenses and legitimacy documents (e.g.: UKGC license).
  • Read through all the terms and conditions carefully – especially those related to bonuses – so you know how payments are handled, what security measures are in place etc.,
  • Check reviews from trusted sources like Cogamblers before using any new casinos and compare different offers between sites; find out what incentives they provide as well as withdrawal limits and processing times etc.,
  • Make sure you understand all bonus wagering requirements before claiming any bonuses, so that you know what games contribute towards meeting them; only play games which contribute 100% towards bonus wagering requirements for maximum efficiency;

By following these simple steps, you can protect yourself from becoming another statistic of online casino scams! Be sure never to trust an online casino until it has been checked against our blacklist first!